Why choose General Equipment Leasing?

  •  We build strong relationships between your company, your customers, and General Equipment Leasing.
  •  We work as though General Equipment Leasing were your company’s finance department, always updating and informing.
  •  We create programs to enhance your competitive position and to meet the financial requirements of end-users.
  •  We advise as soon as possible with approval expectations after reviewing applications.
  •  We present a realistic timeline for approval, a window for potential delivery, transaction closing, etc. In most cases we approve within hours.
  •  We want informed vendors to decide whether or not to pursue a transaction – often major lenders deny applications without elaboration.
  •  We can handle less than pristine credit applications, assuming the collateral is unencumbered by bank liens.

Being capable of handling higher credit risks gives us an edge.
If you have an opportunity you’d like to discuss, please contact us at

 Because General Equipment Leasing produces efficient, profitable solutions and customized programs.