About Us

Service is our hallmark of excellence.

Our qualified staff is available to assist in all phases of each transaction. We provide product information, timely correspondence, fast responses to prospect inquiries, and a quick and thorough documentation review. Sales support and ongoing liaison to customers and vendors equates to consistent satisfaction.

We have been providing lease financial services throughout the United States since 1987. Our customer satisfaction and our high approval ratio has earned us the reputation as a leader in the finance and leasing industry.

General Equipment Leasing engages in a broad spectrum of equipment financing services. Each transaction is structured to offer the most cost-effective method to acquire new equipment. The types of equipment in which we are involved include but are not limited to state-of-the-art medical, computers, construction, telecommunications, TAS, lighting, transportation, software, as well as general office equipment including furnishings and more.

Equipment leasing is an important source of financing used to meet the needs of American business. Leasing plays an essential role in providing capital that make industries more productive with increased profitability. It serves as a primary means for businesses to acquire the capital equipment necessary to run manufacturing and service industries which are the foundation of our economy.

Approximately Eighty Percent of Businesses in America Lease Capital Equipment

The popularity of leasing as a means of equipment financing is due, in part, to the fact that each party benefits from the leasing transaction. The equipment vendor is able to sell products outright to realize immediate cash. Leasing offers equipment users protection against the risk of technological obsolescence. The lessor derives income, tax advantages, and upon sale or release, residual values. The lessee, enjoys the use of the equipment to generate income without a heavy outlay of capital or utilizing limited lines of credit. Often the monthly payments are more economical than through conventional financing. This generates funds which may be used for new research, development, manufacturing activities or additional staff.

General Equipment Leasing is proud to be a part of this industry. With our portfolio funds and lines of capital, we can match customers’ financial needs and increase sales volume. We’re not a superbank, we’re much better. We are small enough to offer personalized service, yet large enough to provide financial strength and stability. Our solid reputation is based on years of understanding our customer…You.